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Internet Law is the law as it is evolving to cover the Internet. Some of Internet Law is specific to the Internet, while parts of Internet Law are adaptations of general laws to cover particular circumstances involving the Internet. Internet Laws apply to a person or company’s use of and presence on the Internet and to the effects on a person or company by another person’s or company’s uses of and presences on the Internet. Since intellectual property makes up such a large portion of the Internet’s value, the Intellectual Property laws comprise an important branch of Internet Law. Some of the many legal areas comprising Internet Law are:

  • Electronic Commerce
  • Domain Names
  • Copyright Protection and Infringement Defense
  • Trademark, Service Mark, and Trade Dress Protection and Infringement Defense
  • Unfair Competition Protection and Defense
  • Patent Rights and Patent Infringement Defense
  • Privacy Protection
  • Defamation
  • Censorship
  • Computer Intrusions
  • Computer Crime
IP & Internet Law North can assist you in planning and conducting your business as it relates to the Internet. IP & Internet Law North can also assist you in protecting your rights on the Internet and in protecting you against the assertions of rights and claims of infringements by others for your use of or presence on the Internet.

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